A real sixpence coin hasn’t been in circulation since 1980 (the internet tells me). An 1893 “Victoria jubilee head” is not only valuable for being over 90% silver but also for being exceedingly rare. Although there are sixpence coins (worth six modern English pence) minted as Christmastime gifts since 2016, since the household is in the U.S., I expect that Sheila has substituted a nickel, which is about the same size (about 21mm as opposed to the 19mm of the English coin). Either way, Lightfoot will likely be minting his own in a day or so.

I must make special thanks to the amazing Seth Drake for this joke, lovely British dragon that he is. Happy Christmas to you, my scaly friend!

Speaking if things passing… the Ghosts of Christmas will have to be fighting me on my own turf. I’ll be leaving the rehab center on December 24th. Best Christmas present of the year!

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