Natural Habitat is the story of five friends who live together in a house that seems to be larger inside than out (Whovians Unite!). Outside of the house, they appear as human as the rest of the world; inside, however, they become their anthropomorphic selves. Come take a peek into the lives of people just like yourselves… just furrier.

About the Writer

Tristan Black Wolf couldn’t draw a straight line with a ruler, so it’s only natural that he’d come up with an idea for a web comic. He had well over 400 strips in mind before he finally found artists willing and able to bring his madness to life. He will neither confirm nor deny that he’s actually visited this house, but he is sometimes found with strange hairs on his clothing when he owns no pets. If you’d like to explore other aspects of his writing, take a look at his Wolf’s Den website, where you can find commentary on films, books, music, and words, in a friendly, intelligent, wolf-like setting.

About the Artists

Oray Studios is an artist guild founded in 2008 by Iqbal Aribaskara (Venomfang) & Gifny Richata (Kobra). To quote from their own website: “Our mission is to bring the best of Indonesian artists’ works to the world, and enjoy ourselves while doing so. We are specialized in making 2D illustrations, graphic design and animations for any kind of media you can name of: video games, clothing, books, apps, concept art, logo, promotional materials, etc.” They won a worldwide search for artistic talent to become the visual heart-and-soul of Natural Habitat. Show ’em some love.

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