We here at Natural Habitat have a lot of good folks that we like to spend time with, and we think you will too. Among our favorites…

Doc Rat is a terrific bloke from “down under”. As his header tells us, the comic is “Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but always full of heart and soul.” We couldn’t agree more! The doc is available for consultation Monday through Friday, and there are a few thousand (no, really!) back pages that are absolutely worth perusing. Take a look at the who’s who of doc’s world, then have a dekko at the latest happenings. (Beware of puns!)

Kevin and Kell is the longest-running daily comic on the web (since September 1995!), and it is always a winner. Furry life has been well-represented for over twenty years, and it’s still going strong. You can dive right in, or have a look at their cast page.

Savestate is a great comic about siblings Kade and Nicole, who are gamers, nerds, and pups who are always getting into just a wee bit of mischief… such as accidentally conjuring up a demonic entity that is trapped inside a plushie. No, seriously. Or not seriously. Meet the cast, then prepare to laugh with every new Wednesday update.


We also take animal advocacy and rescue very seriously. We invite you to visit with and be generous to these hard-working advocates.

Four Paws US is part of Four Paws International, an animal advocacy group begun in Austria in 1988. By 1994, Four Paws was operating internationally, with projects helping apes, big cats, bears, horses, stray animals, and more. They have helped to create parks and sanctuaries in Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Kosovo, and South Africa. To learn more, and perhaps to donate, visit their web page.

Defenders of Wildlife has a special place in my heart for their work with wolves, but they represent all wildlife. As it says on their main page, “Defenders works on the ground, in the courts, and on Capitol Hill to protect and restore imperiled wildlife across North America and around the world. Together, we can ensure a future for the wildlife and wild places we all love.” These folks are tireless advocates and great neighbors. Feel free to drop in on them.

Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue does exactly what its name says. To quote from their website, ” All of our horses are rescued from auctions where we are their last chance before being sold to slaughter. Our horses are chosen for their temperament, soundness, and usability. Once safely home, all horses are quarantined for a minimum of 21 days. When healthy, all of our horses are thoroughly evaluated to aid in the best possible match for horse and rider. A successful partnership creates a bond of trust and friendship for both horse and rider, and it is our goal to find that match for every horse we save.” These terrific folks have indeed done wonders, and we heartily endorse them as well. Please visit them here.