Five years ago, on New Year’s Eve, I faced quadruple bypass heart surgery. (No worries — I caught the surgical crew before they had their end-of-year party.) I wasn’t really concerned that I wouldn’t get through it, but I reached into my stash of comic strip scripts that I’d been collecting over the years, grabbed up three of them, and commissioned the redoubtable Ryoken Dragon to draw them for me. I created a 17×11″ broadside mini-poster that I sent to friends and relatives and, after I’d recovered from the heart surgery, I hoped that Ryoken would be available to draw the strip regularly. Sadly, he encountered a severe case of Life Happens, and we just couldn’t connect enough to make it happen. He was, and is, a dear friend and artist; you can sample his wares here on his FurAffinity page.

Sheila’s Cockney Rhyming Slang: “Mystic” is short for  “mystic megs,” rhyming with “legs.” (I don’t the origins of basis of “mystic megs,” though, so further information appreciated.)

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Happy Solstice (Old Year’s Day) to one and all. And yes, I’ll be posting the full triptych by Christmas. Enjoy!