There’s nothing quite as comforting as having your own IT guy living in your home. (In this case, that stands for Incredible Tiger, as Theo would no doubt be glad to tell you.) I’m far from a “power user” myself. I know that M-M (the guy who hosts this site for me and tries his best to keep me from from totally ruining the whole shebang) considers me a step above “complete idiot,” but he too seems to be the only person who can tame this crazy WordPress-based beast. A particular shout-out to him today for his help in keeping this wacky comic view of life going.

With this comic, I’d like to make a request, on behalf of M-M, Jy L, the guys down at Computer Outlet (Cicero NY), and a great many other friends who are in the tech-rescuing game: Be nice to your tech help. We all know that computers are out to get us, and your tech guy is the only person who stand between you and a T-800 Model 101… or worse. They’re trying to help, so let ’em!

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