Fursuiting is its own phenomenon. The design and construction of a full-body fursuit can cost hundreds, even thousands, of dollars. They can also be uncomfortable to wear for long periods, being heavy and very hot inside all of that costuming. I had tried on a wolf’s head portion of a fursuit; I’m not truly claustrophobic, but it would have taken a lot of getting used to before I could have worn a full suit. The rewards, however, are two-fold. First, fursuits provide an externalization of an inner self, a means of showing others the being that one feels is an essential part of himself. Second, and perhaps more important, fursuits give joy to everyone who sees them. Anytime I see someone in fursuit, I call out “Fursuit hug!” I’m rarely denied the privilege, and we need a lot more hugs in this world. I haven’t consulted the CDC about this, but I would imagine that fursuit hugs would be a lot safer, even in the times of plague. Maybe we should ask them…


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