This strip is the 66th one posted, yet the joke itself was the first that I’d written after the “Meet the Cast” strips. It was inspired by two things. First, in real life, I’m allergic to animal dander, which makes being a furry interesting; I liken it to being a flower who has hay fever. The second was that, at the time I wrote it (September 2008), I was living with someone who had an enclosed front porch which was full of bottles to return. I’m talking waist deep. She tossed soda bottles in through the upper half of a transom window. I took on the task, and I discovered that there was an old couch, chair, and a small table out there. At 5¢ each (the deposit cost here in New York State), it was quite a haul. I don’t exaggerate when I tell you that I bought steaks at the grocery store. Yes, I shared. I’m not a complete cad (I still need a few more parts).

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